With Facebook Portal smart display, you can now make video calls to Facebook Messengers and WhatsApp contacts. It also allows you to play music from Spotify and Pandora. The smart display is Alexa compatible, so you can also control your smart home accessories. To do all, you need to set up Facebook Portal, Portal +, or Portal Go, whatever you have.

So here in this article, I am going to how you can set up and use the Facebook portal.

Device used in this article:

How to Setup Facebook Portal, Portal+, or Portal Go.

Step #1: Let’s unbox the Facebook Portal first and Insert the power cord to the back of the Portal, then Plug it into the outlet.

Step #2: Choose the language and select your WiFi network.

Step #3: Enter the WiFi password to connect.

Step #4: Once connected to your network, it will automatically start downloading and installing the latest update.

Step #5: Restart your Portal once it is updated.

Step #6: Press and continue to agree to the terms and conditions.

Step #7: Now, give your Portal a name from the options given or create your name.

Step #8: Next, you need to connect your Facebook account. A code will appear on your Portal screen. Enter that code on your Facebook account.

Go to facebook.com/device and type the code to connect the account. 

Alternatively, you can also enter the Facebook account password directly on the Portal device to connect successfully. 

Once you are done, a sucess message will appear on the screen. Press the next button t continue.

Step #9: If you have asked Portal to connect it with your WhatsApp account, a QR code will appear on your smart display screen. Scan that QR code by launching your WhatsApp account-> Setting -> Chats-> Three vertical dots-> Choose WhatsApp web and hold your phone camera to scan the QR code.

Step #10:  Choose the contact profile to make the call from the Portal. All the contact will be visible by default. But you can use the hide option to hide some of the contacts.

Step #11: Next, the Portal smart display will show you its camera work, which you can skip.

Step #12: Up next, it will ask you to connect to Spotify or Pandora to listen to music on the Portal device itself. Tap on connect next to the service you want to pair.

Step #13:  Now, if you want to use the Portal device as a digital Frame, choose preview Facebook Photos and add some Facebook Photos on the next screen. You can choose the Album you want to keep and connect your instagram account if you want some of your photos to display on the Portal device.

Step #14:  If you want the pictures from your smartphone, you need to choose a Get portal App. It will install an app on your phone.

Step #15: You can connect your Alexa account to control Alexa compatible devices. Here I suggest you use Alexa as a voice assistant instead of Portal assistant because Alexa assistant is more powerful.

Step #16: Tap on next to use “Hey Portal” command to start making video calls. Now Facebook will need to ask for some privacy options to improve its voice recognition capabilities. It is optional; even if you agree at this point, later, you will be able to turn it in or delete your recordings.

That’s it!! Facebook Portal will now display all your favorite contacts and the contacts you called recently on the home screen. If you swipe the screen to the left, it will show you all the installed apps, contacts, and settings.

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I hope you were successfully able to set up Facebook Portal smart display and started using it. Share your queries related to the Facebook portal in the comments section. I will be happy to help you. Also, do let me know how much you liked Facebook portal device?


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