Nowadays, people don’t really prefer thick wallets, and for a plethora of good reasons! This had led people to carry leather card wallets because of how the premium look and the sleek profile. 

The two most popular card wallets on the market are from Nomad and Harber London, so making a choice can be challenging. In this article, you will find a detailed comparison between these card wallets. So read on, and find out which card wallet is perfect for your needs.

Number of Compartments

Nomad Classic Leather Wallet Review
Nomad Leather Wallet

The first thing one considers in a card wallet is the number of compartments to know how many cards fit in. For example, in the Nomad Card Wallet, there are three compartments, but you can easily pack 4-5 cards, as the compartment on the top has more room in it.

Harber London Leather Wallet Review
Harber London Leather Wallet

The cards easily slide into the pockets, and you can take them out quickly. On the other hand, the Harber London Wallet has four compartments, including two for cards, one for coins, and one for bills. As this case is roomier, you can store around 18 cards in it. 

Quality of Material 

The quality of the material is amazing in both wallets, and you’ll get the premium feel while holding them. The Nomad Card Wallet is made using signature Horween leather that’s very thin yet durable. Moreover, the material is reinforced using intense heat, and you can expect this wallet to last longer.

The Harber London Bifold Wallet is made using Signature Full Grain Leather by expert craftsmen in Spain. You can feel the grains over the leather, and the case looks premium.


There’s a big difference in terms of design in both wallets. The Nomad one is a sleek single-piece unit, while the Harber London wallet has a bi-fold design. 

Buy Harber London Leather Wallet 1

Choose Nomad if you need a minimalistic leather case to stash in your cards while feeling lighter when carrying it. On the other hand, the Harber London Bi-fold Wallet is for folks that need more storage and do not want to expose their cards.

Buy Nomad Leather Wallet

Both wallets are sleek, and you can put them in your pocket and travel anywhere. 

RFID Protection 

If you do not want your cards to get scanned without your permission, choose the Harber London Bi-fold case. However, this feature is not available in the Nomad Wallet Case. But you can get an RFID blocking chip and can carry that in the wallet if you choose the Nomad one.

Exclusive Features 

Both leather card wallets have some exclusive features you should know. For example, in the Nomad Wallet case, you can put in an AirTag holding card to track your case with the iPhone/iPad.

With the Harber London Wallet, you get a personalization feature, and you can get your initials engraved on the case. 

Final Verdict 

It is time to make a choice between the Nomad Card Wallet and Harber London Bi-fold Wallet. While both are amazing at their place, there are a few differences that’ll help you pick the right one.

If you need a minimalistic case with a sleek appeal, choose Nomad Wallet Case. Go for Harber London if you need more space to carry more cards and a wallet that can accommodate your cash and coins.

The material quality is top-notch in both wallets, and you’ll get that perfect look of holding a leather wallet case.

Price: £79.00
Buy Harber London Leather Wallet

Price: $69.95
Buy Nomad Leather Wallet


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