Nomad is not a new name, and if you are an iPhone user, you must have heard about this popular brand for its range of leather cases! 

These are the times when everyone loves using accessories, and if you too prefer using accessories for added convenience, there’s a lot Nomad has to offer.

In this article, we have reviewed the most-loved Nomad accessories that people across the globe use and recommend. Read on to know what you are missing and should definitely invest in to improve your lifestyle.

Nomad Leather Wallet, Mousepad and Keychain

#1. Nomad Leather Mousepad 

Nomad Leather Mousepad

A mousepad is something I use every single day, for a lot of hours, and I believe you too do it since it’s the work-from-home era. This leather mousepad from Nomad is sleek and soft, so the mouse glides over it.

Usually, my mouse’s bottom gets dirty, but this doesn’t happen since I’m using this mousepad. It is pretty big thus, there is ample space to hover any mouse, be it a gaming mouse or the Apple Magic Mouse.

I found the leather to be highly durable, and it is heat-pressed, so the layers remain intact. In addition, I’ve used this mousepad with a laser as well as optical sensor mice, and it’s a versatile choice.

Though it is not a wireless mouse charging pad, it just offers good support while preventing the mouse from getting dirty.

Lastly, the textured grip under the pad prevents slips and falls. It holds your desk well and comes with a microfiber travel bag so that you can keep it handy.

Available Size: 13-inches, 16-inches

Available Colors: Rustic Brown, Black, and Legacy Natural

Price: $99.95
Buy it from Nomad

#2. Nomad Leather Card Wallet

Nomad Leather Card Wallet

I always wanted a wallet case that’s minimalist, sleek, and does not hurt my pocket, so I ended up with the Nomad Leather Wallet. First thing first, it looks absolutely gorgeous, and the leather feels premium. 

Nomad has used Horween Leather, and on the inside, the case has reinforced fabric for added durability. There are three sleek pockets, and you can easily slide multiple cards in it.  

The best part is the AirTag compatible card that you can put in the wallet to track it with your iPhone/iPad. However, it is sold separately.

Talking about space, there is an abundance of it, and you can keep as many as five cards handy. 

The cards do not fall out and remain secure inside this leather sleeve. The only downside I’ve come across is that it’s not RFID-certified, and it does not protect the cards from the tap-and-pay feature. 

Lastly, Nomad packs this case neatly, so just unbox it, stash it in your cards, and you are good to go. 

Available Colors: Black, Rustic Brown 

Compatible Accessories: AirTag Case

Price: $69.95
Buy it from Nomad

#3. Nomad Key Clip 

Nomad Leather Key Clip

Carrying multiple keys is a real hassle, and the biggest challenge is keeping them all in a place. But the Nomad Key Clip has made it easier. The key clip doesn’t look like an ordinary one, and the leather patch rewards it with a rustic look.

What impressed me the most was the durability. The metal is robust and certainly makes this key clip last longer. 

On one end, you get a circular ring for attaching multiple keys, whereas the other end has a clip, so tuck it in your denim’s loop or attach it with your backpack’s hook while commuting.

The steel clip spring was a bit tight during the initial uses, but you get used to it after using it for some time. 

Price: $19.95
Buy it from Nomad

Final Thoughts

These three accessories have definitely made things easier for me. Be it carrying the keys, managing the cards, and using the mouse, these must-have accessories from Nomad are a game-changer.

So, shop these accessories and manage your stuff like a pro. Nomad also offers a range of color choices and sizes; ensure choosing the best color and size depending on your requirements.


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